The Virginia Conservation Association is open to anyone with an interest in the care and preservation of art and historic artifacts. Membership includes conservators, curators, historic house directors, collectors, librarians, dealers, students, and non- specialists with strong interest in the growing field of conservation.

Bimonthly meetings, scheduled from September through May, feature presenters within the VCA and from outside Virginia speaking on topics ranging from basic techniques for storage and preservation to the elaborate conservation of some of the most important art and historic artifacts in Virginia.

Meetings are held at museums and historic sites throughout the Commonwealth, providing members rare opportunities for behind-the- scenes tours of these prominent institutions. In addition, the VCA sponsors field trips and short courses on conservation topics, enabling members to study and learn in a friendly and collegial setting.

This site will continue to grow and change with the VCA membership. Please feel free to make suggestions.

Thank you and please join us!

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